Fagron Partner Program

Fagron has developed comprehensive, local partner programs to show our appreciation to our loyal customers.
Below you will find the programs that are offered at the moment by Fagron Companies.

Fagron Belgium 
Fagron Belgium launched a Fagron Partner Program to reward their loyal customers. Beside fixed discounts on the products, our partners also get scientific support in compounding via the Fagron Academy. For more information contact Fagron Belgium.

Fagron Brazil 
Fagron Brazil created a Partner Program that will make you happy: Fagron Happiness Program. As Loyal Fagron Partner you will benefit from his program that aims to add value to your business and your team partners, bringing a world of rewards, satisfaction and happiness. Earn points with every purchase and exchange them for discounts or choose from the range of benefits. For more information contact Fagron Brazil.

Fagron Czech Republik  
Fagron Czech Republic rewards her hospital partners and developed a special program which will benefit your business greatly! Benefits such as education for your employees, renewal of pharmacy equipment and vocational literature on magisterial preparations are offered to you as loyal partner. For more information contact Fagron Czech Republik.

Fagron Germany 
Fagron Germany offers a special savings Program: the Fagron Partner Program. As loyal Fagron Partner you can save up to 30%! Special discounts, First-order discounts and Year Compensation discounts are part of the deal! This Program will offer you great price conditions and service benefits. For more information contact Fagron Germany.

Fagron Iberica 
Fagron Iberica offers a special program: Fagron Planet Partner. As part of Fagron Partner, you will have a whole world of exclusive benefits. Also collect master points with every purchase online and exchange them for gifts. Choose from the wide assortment of gifts: personal gifts, professional or discounts and enjoy the benefits for your pharmacy. For more information contact Fagron Iberica.

Fagron Netherlands 
Fagron Netherlands has a loyalty program designed for clients with whom we have a sustainable relationship. For more information contact Fagron Netherlands.